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Help Kopifellas and FellasHeart to support Local hawkers in 2021 Now by telling us!

July 15th, 2021

Sowing seeds for better tomorrow, Support Local Hawkers !

Support Local Hawkers and Community Project : People-oriented service goes beyond monetary transactions, it encompasses values, beliefs, and empathy. Being a people-oriented service F&B business, Kopifellas seeks to establish good relationships with our customers and patrons. This year 2021, Kopifellas aims to take things further!  Apart from listening to our customer’s feedback and tweaking our system, we plan to support local hawkers and get involved in more community projects.  

Supporting local hawkers that are struggling have been part of Kopifellas campaign since 21st June 2021 and will continue until the 15th of August 2021. The initiative is to firstly support local hawkers who are struggling and secondly help children in need. Kopifellas founder, Terry Neo who is also a hawker enthusiast calls the younger generation the future of Singapore and is interested in getting them associated with the Singapore hawker heritage and culture at a young age.

Support Local Hawker – Uncle Liang

Suffering from kidney failure Uncle Liang must go for dialysis 3 times a week. He manages these bills through government subsidies and selling hawker food. However, the pandemic covid-19 has caused his income to take a huge plunge due to his shop location. At one point in time, he was earning about $20 a day. 
According to 8 days, learning how to cook was a monumental part of his life, transforming him from an illegal car parts dealer into a hawker. His story and circumstances touched many of Kopifellas’s workers and hence Kopifellas have decided to support him.

20210709 DSC00480 1
Terry and his staff collecting food from Uncle Liang

Support Local Hawker and Ahuva Good Shephard

The Ahuva Good Shephard is located in Marymount Centre. It serves as a Crisis Shelter for abused women and children. They conduct a variety of programmes to help these victims rebuild their lives, in hopes that they may regain their self-esteem so that they can lead normal lives. The student care centre also aims to equip these children aged 4-16 with adequate skills to better reintegrate themselves back into society and be contributors. 

By sending hawker food to these children, Kopifellas aims to bring joy to these children through Singapore local delicacies. In time to come, Kopifellas is also interested in taking part in other projects to help these needy children and youth. 

The help may come in the form of equipping them with Entrepreneurship skills, IT skills, or even Culinary skills. The future of Singapore depends on the growing youth, by cultivating these young talents it would certainly bring Singapore to a brighter tomorrow. 

20210709 DSC00502
Terry Neo and his staff listening to the History of Ahuva Good Shepherd

Support Local Hawkers and FellasHeart    

FellasHeart is established on 1st June 2021 by the founder of Kopifellas, Terry Neo, to help the less fortunate. Other than supporting local hawkers who are struggling, Kopifellas welcomes everyone to suggests any struggling hawkers that are facing difficulties in this difficult time and we will try our best to extend a helping hand to them!

Terry also aims to serve the community in many ways. One upcoming initiative is the collaboration with Amanda Belinda (Admin of SG Food United) on the Mid-Autumm Charity campaign to bring joy to the Elderly.  

Terry on his own accord would also be joining Food from the Heart as a volunteer. Terry claims that the success of F&B companies comes from the people’s support. Having been on receiving end, Terry feels it is important for him and Kopifellas to support the needy in the community in ways which they can. 

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