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Kopifellas’ Kaya Jam

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Uncategorized

Love our kaya butter toasts? You can now enjoy Kopifellas’ signature kaya jam from the comfort of your own home!

The Local Breakfast

The Singaporean breakfast is a delightful culinary experience that perfectly encapsulates the city-state’s diverse and vibrant food culture. It offers a fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and British influences that define its food scene, giving you a glimpse into the nation’s rich heritage.

At its heart is the iconic Kaya Butter Toast – bread toasted to crisp perfection smeared with kaya, a sweet and creamy coconut and egg jam, often accompanied by a slab of butter. This is then paired with a soft-boiled egg seasoned with soy sauce and white pepper. An aromatic cup of Kopi or Teh, which refers to traditional coffee or tea, completes the meal. It is often referred to as “Nanyang breakfast set” as the term “Nanyang” means “South Sea” in Mandarin, which refers to Southeast Asia. This set is enjoyed by the locals not just for breakfast, but for anytime of the day!


History of kaya

Kaya is a sweet and creamy coconut and egg jam. It originated from the Southeast Asian region, particularly Singapore and Malaysia. Kaya’s roots can be traced back to the Hainanese immigrants who settled in the Malay Peninsula during the 19th century. They then adapted their traditional recipes to local ingredients, leading to the creation of kaya as a sweet and comforting condiment. 


During the Japanese Occupation, many British left the country. This led to many shops being abandoned and hence, the Hainanese immigrants began setting up their own eateries, bakeries and coffee-roasting businesses. Between the 1920s and 1950s, the Hainanese began expanding their businesses and the “Nanyang” breakfast started gaining popularity. Over time, kaya became a staple in Singaporean and Malaysian breakfasts, often served with crispy toasts and butter.


Kopifellas’ Toasts Selection

Here at Kopifellas, we offer both traditional and toasts with a modern twist to them. Craving for that nostalgic taste? From our signature Kaya Butter Toast with our less-sweetened kaya jam spread, to the nutty goodness of our Peanut Butter Toast or the creamy yet crunchy Butter Sugar Toast, our Traditional Toasts are sure to satisfy your taste buds!


If you are looking to try something more unique, we offer toasts with a modern twist to them as well. In our Premium Toasts selection, we offer Earl Grey Milk Toast as well as Matcha Milk Toast. Our earl grey milk tea and matcha milk spreads are specially made in-house. So if you are feeling a little fancy that day, be sure to try them out!

Kopifellas’ Kaya Jam

Always hear people ordering “siew-dai” (less sugar) for their drinks? Nowadays, many people tend to opt for less sweet options due to various reasons. Here at Kopifellas, we strive to cater to the taste buds of our customers. Hence, we offer kaya that is less sweet in taste yet still gives you that same rich and creamy goodness. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our toasts!


The kaya butter toast was good. The kaya was really fragrant and not too sweet.” – CK C


“For me, the toast and egg sets here were the best I’ve had in Singapore. The butter used is different and more milky.” – Pereira Yip


Since our kaya butter toasts are so well-loved by our customers, we now offer our signature kaya jam in jars at our stores islandwide! You can now indulge in the rich flavours of our kaya jam from the comfort of your own home. Whether you use it as a spread for your toast, as a filling for a cake or dessert or as a dip for your snacks, our kaya jam can be enjoyed in many different ways!

You can also give it as a gift or souvenir.

Each bottle of kaya jam weighs 270g, and is priced at $6.80 per bottle – now available at all Kopifellas’ outlets in Singapore except Sembawang (Central Kitchen) so grab yours today!