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Kopifellas – Keeping the Hawker Heritage alive in 2021!

July 7th, 2021

HAWKER HERITAGE has never been so bleak!

F&B businesses and hawkers dread to hear the words “No Dine In”. In fact, it leaves them quaking in their boots! The future of Hawker Heritage has never been in such a precarious situation for the past 20 years.

Terry Neo, co-founder of Kopifellas describes dining-in as indispensable to F&B businesses. At Kopifellas, we always talk about chill chomp connect. One is always the subset of the other two. The circuit breaker on 7th April 2020 and phase 2 heightened alert measures on 16 May 2021 have left the majority of the local hawkers disheartened. A hawker at Alexandra Food Village mentioned that the no-dine in have caused his sales to drop about 50% and his balance profit is barely covering his food and utility cost. In his own words “I am working for more than 10HR daily here without any income”. 

In attempts to protect Singapore’s hawker heritage, the Singapore Government encouraged local hawkers to go digital and join food delivery platforms such as Grab, Deliveroo and Foodpanda. However, with a hefty commission fee, local hawkers have to increase their food prices online which drew some hostility from the public. Some consumers even accused hawkers for taking advantage of the pandemic by raising their prices.

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Additionally, recent news about older hawkers who are illiterate and not technologically trained are contemplating to close down their stalls. This worrying trend is something that may put our hawker heritage at risk. Hence Kopifellas is doing what we can to help some struggling hawkers survive this ordeal. Kopifellas is garnering recommendations of struggling hawkers on social media. A bulk purchase will be made from these hawkers and be distributed to the needy such as orphanages, children welfare centers, and frontline healthcare workers. Correspondingly, Kopifellas will also be working with the Founder of Melting Moment Pineapple Tart, Amanda, and get food delivered to the elderly with moving difficulties. 

Terry, owner of Kopifellas is also a hawker heritage enthusiast. He started this initiative because he believes that F&B businesses should help one another to keep Singapore’s hawker heritage alive and bustling. In his truest words “Singapore is hailed as a food paradise and this legacy MUST continue”. Terry hopes that through his efforts, other F&B businesses who are able to support struggling hawkers would also do the same”. 

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