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Kopifellas Partnership with Yellow Ribbon

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Uncategorized

Kopifellas Partnership with Yellow Ribbon

Kopifellas has recently partnered with Yellow Ribbon Industries to launch Teh Tarik Cornflake Cookies ! Yellow Ribbon Industries is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yellow Ribbon Singapore that provides laundry and linen management services, food and business solutions, and transitional residential programmes. Its aim is to support the successful reintegration of ex-offenders into society. One of their projects called the Yellow Ribbon Project, is often supported by various industries, organisations and individuals who believe in giving ex-offenders a second chance and promoting rehabilitation and community acceptance.

Under their food and business solutions, there is the Yellow Ribbon Bakery, which is where the cookies are being produced at. They manufacture sandwich loaves and other artisanal products. During festive seasons such as Christmas and Chinese New Year, the bakery holds festive bake sales for the public. Not only that, the bakery also supplies bakery products to external customers which include hospitals, airlines, restaurants and retail bakeries. You may find out more about their offerings at https://www.yri.com.sg/bakery/.


Kopifellas Yellow Ribbon Project

Why we do this CSR

As part of our CSR project, we have partnered with Yellow Ribbon Industries to launch Teh Tarik Cornflake Cookies in our stores! These delicious cookies are baked by inmates, which helps them to learn a skill and gives them a second chance. Through this collaboration, we hope to support their successful integration back into society as well as spread awareness and foster acceptance.

Kopifellas Yellow Ribbon Teh Tarik Cornflake Cookies

Product Information

Looking for a gift or just a new snack to add into your pantry? Indulge in these cookies today while supporting a good cause at the same time! 

The Teh Tarik Cornflake Cookies come in sealed bags of 150g and are priced at $8.50 per packet. These yummy snacks are available at our central outlets; Kopifellas at CIMB Plaza, Kopifellas at Marina One and Kopifellas Cafe at Toa Payoh.